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Reinforcing steel and prefabricated elements

Production of prefabricated reinforcement elements

The production of prefabricated reinforcement elements carried out by our reinforcement plant includes making prefabricated elements from bars with diameters ranging from 6 mm to 40 mm. We use B500A, B500B and B500SP steel.

Prefabricated reinforcement elements
Our prefabricated reinforcement elements are a guarantee of solidity and durability.
3D reinforcement prefabricated elements (horses, trestles)
Solid and durable 3D prefabricated elements.
Reinforcement stirrups
Steel reinforcement stirrups. Available in various sizes. The highest quality and durability.
Steel for stirrups
In addition to the production of reinforcement stirrups, we also supply steel for stirrups.
Reinforcement cages (piles)
Quick implementation times as well as precision and high quality of reinforcement cages.
Welded reinforcement cages (tubings)
Welded reinforcement cages made of the best quality materials. A durable and effective solution.
Arches and circles
Arches and reinforcement circles ensure the stability and safety of the structure. Choose the best.
Reinforcing meshes
One of the most important elements of reinforcement - we make them with attention to quality and detail.
Metallurgical products (T-sections, C-sections, profiles, etc.)
We offer a variety of metallurgical products, including T-sections, C-sections and reinforcement profiles.

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